Watch The US Total Solar Eclipse Livestream In The UK

Starting at around 6:20 PM GMT, the United States will experience its first nationwide total solar eclipse in almost 100 years.

While we won’t be able to view it directly here in the UK, thankfully there are plenty of opportunities to watch along live.

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How can I see the total solar eclipse in the UK?

Sadly you won’t be able to watch the total solar eclipse in the UK in person.

Thankfully though you can watch the next best thing which will be NASA’s comprehensive live coverage of the event which you can watch at the top of this article.

They’ll be including multiple viewpoints from across the country and even an arial view of the eclipse from a specially launched weather balloon.

Alternatively The Weather Channel are hosting live coverage of the entire eclipse on Twitter here.

How can I see a partial solar eclipse in the UK?

While the UK won’t get a total solar eclipse it will be getting what’s known as a partial solar eclipse.

In the UK, the partial solar eclipse will start quite late at around 8PM UK time and will be viewable in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Known as the penumbra, this outer shadow takes place when the Moon only partially obstructs the Sun.

As such the Sun will already be extremely low in the sky which means the best way to view it will be either from a vantage point of height or where you have a clear viewpoint without obstructions.

Then of course there’s the weather, check well in advance and see if you can find a spot where there’s little or no cloud coverage.

UK Partial Eclipse Times:

Aberdeen: 7:56PM
Edinburgh: 7:58PM
Belfast: 8:00PM
Leeds: 8:01PM
Dublin: 8:01PM
Norwich: 8:02PM
Milton Keynes: 8:03PM
Cardiff: 8:05PM
London: 8:04PM
Portsmouth: 8:07PM

If you want to find out an eclipse in your specific area you can simply head here and type in your local town in the search bar.

The Best Images From The Total Solar Eclipse 2016:

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