Tory Minister Mark Garnier Breaks Silence Over Sex Toy Scandal

Mark Garnier is sorry. 

The Tory minister who sent his former aide to buy sex toys has broken his silence to apologise. 

Mark Garnier, International Trade Minister, called his ex-assistant “sugartits” in front of others in a bar in 2010 and asked her to buy two sex toys from Soho. 

The married 53-year-old father-of-three claims he was friends with the woman and the incidents have been taken “outside the context”. 

Speaking to The Shuttle, Garnier said: “The events of 2010 concerning myself  and a former member of staff have been reported outside the context and circumstances in which they occurred.

“At the time we were friends, and I want to be clear that I did not force or pressure her into doing anything.

“It is right that the public expect high standards of behaviour from their elected representatives, and I apologise to my constituents that this situation has occurred.”

Garnier is facing a Cabinet Office probe into whether his actions broke the ministerial code.