Royal Ramblings Vs The Young Bucks

Ring of Honor is, for many, the most exciting, dynamic and innovative company in the wrestling business. One thing that hasn't changed though, is the annual 'Survival of the Fittest' tournament. Readers might have heard of previous winners including Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Roderick Strong, Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) and Adam Cole. Already announced for the event are the Young Bucks. Matt and Nick Jackson are not to be missed. These darlings of the indie wrestling scene are a fusion of energy and excellence that keeps the crowds coming. You can get tickets here for 'Survival of the Fittest' and watch the show via Ring of Honor to see the Bucks in action. We had the chance to speak with them when they were last in the UK, so read on for what they have to say about 'Dive', Fake News and much more besides! There was a lot of discussion about Randy Orton's 'Dive' Tweet. What did you make of it? M: Ah, Whatever. A lot of people got offended by it but I'm like "yeah, good for Randy". If that's how he feels, cool. I'm the last person that could get offended by anything because of the amount of things I've tweeted in the past. So, Randy, you don't like it? that's cool. No problem, no heat. N: Everyone has an opinion, so I can't get butthurt about his opinion because, you know what, people hate us. They hate our guts. I don't know why but that's their opinion. I don't hate them, or care about it. M: You have your right to your opinion. N: Yeah, exactly, so it comes out of that, I don't care. .....dive — Randy Orton (@RandyOrton) Talking of Twitter, you recently said (albeit with some context...) you should take the award for best tag team already... M: I'll go for that. That's something I love hearing. N: We take passion in that, great pride. Who would be the runners up? M: This year? We're really motivated. We're standalone. Roppongi Vice? Good luck! They split up. Honestly, I don't know. Us and Adam Page, the Hung Bucks - we're yet to debut. N: Let's be honest, War Machine, those guys have had a good year. Those guys are good. They're working hard. They see we're having a good year and they're trying to work even harder and I appreciate that. I like that a lot. Out of character, number two is War Machine, for sure. We're half way through the year and it looks like we have another Tag Team Of The Year award locked up.... — The Young Bucks (@NickJacksonYB) We asked The Briscoes and Jay lethal about joining the Bullet Club. They said no way! Who's next after Marty,. ? N: That's a wrap. CM Punk and that's all, it would end at CM Punk but if he doesn't join, that's it. No more. If anything, I want to cut some of the fat out of it. We've got too many guys in it anyway. No more. If we were booking it ...but we don't book it. Hopefully no-one else. We're trying with punk, I don't think it will happen but let's see. That's the only guy. Hey man check this out. — The Young Bucks (@MattJackson13) Is the 'War of the Worlds' model the way forward for the industry? N: I think so. I think we all need to work together, be together. Except TNA, no thanks. We don't need to be working with TNA. M: No! Especially with their latest acquisition, Jim Cornette! But besides from that it's good for wrestling. N: I think the relationship is what wrestling needs because it's bringing variety, interest and huge houses into the shows. M: Its so good. A mix of cultures - and that's how we get good. You wrestle different guys, from different cultures, with different styles, and you learn everything and develop so much faster that way. I feel like we've got better because of the last few years and the introduction of talent in different places. What's the worst fake news about the 'Bucks, online? M: That's a good question! N: We don't often get into weird rumours, I'm trying to think. M: There was a rumour a couple of years ago that we were literally in Orlando and about to debut against the Usos, remember that? And everybody was like, "where are you right now?" and I was literally in California with my kids. Everyone was certain we were going to have a match with the Usos and it never even came close to happening. Total fake news. N: I think the worst fake news we had in our career was that we are disrespectful to veterans in the back. M: That was a while ago. N: That was years ago, but it was so, so stupid. M: But we rode it though. N: It was so far detached, so far from the truth but it almost hurt our careers because of it but we took it and spinned it and made it work. M: Exactly. We didn't try to defend it, we just went with it and made it work and it actually benefited our career. What has been your weirdest fan interaction? M: It wasn't the weirdest but it just happened. Some guy noticed us in the bathroom and wanted to take a picture - in the bathroom! I was like "Bro! We can go outside!" and he tried to shake our hands right after he'd taken a p***! That's what comes to my mind. N: that isn't even close to the weirdest! We've had stalkers... M: We had a weird one, where Nick had an argument with someone online, and the guy somehow took a picture of Nicks House on Google maps and sent him a screenshot. Nick was like, "oh thanks for letting me know you know where I live". That was weird N: That was pretty scary actually! What are your future plans? N: We have 12 months left on our contract. I'm not counting but its 12 months. M: We get a bump in 5 months, in January. N: Not 5 months, 2 months! M: Oh, he really is counting down! We're going to have to get a huge raise. N: We're having a blast though. If they offer us what we want here, I won't leave. They give us the creative freedom here, a great schedule. Our families are happy, we're happy. M: It's a very family oriented backstage locker-room, everybody's friendly. N: Everybody's great. M: We bring our kids and I know I can trust anyone here. Just a bunch of good guys N: We're business men though, so we're going to be talking to people. We're not going to be talking to TNA, that's for damn sure. But we'll be talking to some companies.... M: I think you made that clear earlier! What if they throw us a huge offer, you can't say that! Who knows! N: If Cornette's there I'm not going. M: Oh hell no... meanwhile I'm bleeding out my knee here. N: What a doofus, what an idiot! This idiot banged his knee on a wood table and he's bleeding. M: I hard-wayed my knee and I'm bleeding out. N: That's the way to end it. ....and that was how it ended. .The Bucks taken out by injury. Thankfully, it was very minor(!) and they went on to steal the show as they so often do. Make sure to catch the Bucks on iPPV at 'Survival of the Fittest' or when they come back to the UK!!