Donald Trump Jr Gets A Blunt Reminder As Latest Boast About His Dad Backfires

Donald Trump Jr’s latest boast about his dad did not go down well.

Former president Donald Trump’s eldest son tweeted on Friday that his father, who was banned from the social media platform for inciting the US Capitol riot, was “the first president in modern history” not to start a new war.

Critics pounced on the post, bluntly reminding Trump Jr. of his father’s years of violent and divisive rhetoric, encouragement of the US Capitol riot and his administration’s catastrophic handling of the coronavirus pandemic that has now killed more than 400,000 people nationwide.

“Who needs a new war when, as of this week, more Americans died from the coronavirus on your father’s watch, in less than 11 months, than died in *World War 2* over four years,” asked NBC journalist Mehdi Hasan.

Others shared photographs from the Capitol riot, for which the House of Representatives last week impeached the former president for a second time for incitement to insurrection.

It was announced on Friday that the House would formally deliver the article of impeachment to the Senate on Monday, with Trump’s impeachment trial is expected to begin on February 9. 

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