15 Tech Gifts And Gadgets That’ll Impress This Christmas

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Why should it just be the kids who get to play with new toys at Christmas? We’ve rounded up 15 tech gifts and gadgets that adults in the family will love.  

This isn’t a list of the latest phones, laptops or tablets to peruse, because let’s face it, most tech-heads will buy their own (or direct you to the exact one they want) anyway.

Instead, here’s a list of fun, alternative gifts they might not have thought about – from an electronic wine opener to a neck massaging pillow.


Smart Mug In Classic White, Glowstone, £99 

Know a tea or coffee addict? The Glowstone smart mugs are designed to keep your brew at the optimal temperature and have a light bar indicator that shines to reveal the ideal heat. Each mug comes with wireless charging and is dishwasher safe.

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Fujifilm's Instax

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera, John Lewis, £69

Fujifilm’s Instax cameras are the perfect antidote to Instagram culture. If you know someone who spends hours pondering over filters, the snap and print fun could be just what they need. The camera includes a flash and “selfie mode”.

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Bodyclock Shine 300, Lumi, £129  

Lumi clocks are designed to mimic natural light, with sunrise and sunset programmes that’ll transform your morning and evening routines. The Bodyclock Shine 300 also features a range of soothing alarms, from birdsong to kitten purring.  

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Senstroke Bluetooth Connected Drum Kit, Redison via Amazon, £190

Know someone in need of a new hobby? Senstroke’s Bluetooth drum sensor technology turns your environment into your own personal drum kit. You can use couch cushions as your snare, textbooks as your tom, and your own two feet to kick the bass and hi-hat.    

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Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit, £199.99

The new Fitbit Versa 3 could be a great upgrade for the fitness fan in your life. Available in three colours, the watch has all the tracking features you’d expect, with built in GPS and 20+ exercise modes and music experiences to keep you moving.

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Cheer Moda via Amazon,

Electric Wine Bottle, Cheer Moda via Amazon, £19.95 

A fun gift for anyone who struggles with a traditional corkscrew (no judgment here). This battery-operated electric opener allows you to effortlessly open bottles at the touch of a button.

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Phone Case Stand, CLCKR, £34.99 

CLCKR’s phone case stands allow you to video call handsfree, watch Netflix, see your favourite recipe or workout at home without propping your phone up against a water bottle. They work in portrait or landscape and come in a variety of colours and sizes to fix to different phones.

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HidrateSpark 3 Smart Water Bottle, HidrateSpark, £59.99 

This smart water bottle tracks your water intake and lights up to remind you to drink through the free Hidrate app, powered by Bluetooth. It’ll make a good gift for anyone trying to stay healthy in 2021. 

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Hamilton Beach Alexa-Enabled Smart Drip Coffee Maker, Amazon, £269.97

When you google “smart coffee machines”, the Hamilton Beach consistently appears among the most recommended. The machine can be paired with the Alexa app, and you can create a programme for “wake-up ready” coffee. You can also turn on or off, start brewing, or change brew strength from your phone.  

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HoMedics Zen Meditation Massage Pillow, Argos, £129.99

For a loved one with neck ache after working from home for most of the year, this pillow will be a Godsend. It delivers a rolling neck massage, designed to gently ease away the tension in the neck.

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Light Up Golf Ball (3-Pack), Night Sports USA via Amazon, £18.05

For golfers determined to stay out once the sun sets, these light up balls will be a welcome surprise. Each ball contains a bright LED light that stays active for eight minutes upon impact and re-triggers with each hit, so you can always finish your game.

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Bose Sport Earbuds, John Lewis, £179.00

These headphones are moisture-resistant for high-impact, outdoor exercise in all weathers, making them the perfect gift for people making do without their beloved gym this winter.  

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Tooltime UK Ltd via Amazon

Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bottle, Tooltime UK Ltd via Amazon, £24.95

End arguments over the heating by getting this rechargeable hot water bottle for loved ones who are always cold. It takes less than 15 minutes to charge and retains heat for up to six hours.  

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Foreo via House of Fraser

Luna Mini 2 Face Brush, Foreo via House of Fraser, £119

This one’s for friends and family who like to make their beauty routine high-tech. The electronic face brush pulsates against the skin and is designed to unclog pores and clear away dirt and excess oil.

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John Lewis

Clothes Shaver, John Lewis, £4.50

This will make a great stocking filler for anyone trying to buy fewer clothes and limit their impact on the environment. Tired jumpers look refreshed within seconds.

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