The Last Leg’s Adam Hills Praised For Undergoing Live Prostate Exam

The Last Leg comedian Adam Hills has been widely praised after undergoing a prostate exam on live TV.  

The Australian comic was screened for the disease during a Stand Up To Cancer special of the Channel 4 comedy show on Friday night, in a bid to break down stigma and encourage men with symptoms to get themselves checked.

At the end of the show, Adam was invited into a mocked up surgery for a doctor to perform a rectal examination to check his prostate. 

Adam Hills underwent a live prostate exam on The Last Leg

The test was over quickly and painlessly, after which Adam was asked by co-hosts Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe how he found it.

“It was slightly uncomfortable, but to be honest, absolutely fine,” he said before turning to the medic and joking: “I’m giving you five stars on Grip Advisor.”

Taking a more serious tone, Adam continued: “Here’s the thing though, we usually end the show on something big and flashy, but the whole point of this exam is to prove to men that it’s actually not a big deal. 

“I’ll be honest, it’s a little bit uncomfortable, but not painful. It is not a test you should not worry about if you need to have it. The reality is, it was remarkably straightforward. So, let’s end the show by celebrating that.” 

Adam encouraged other men to go and get themselves checked

Music then begun playing as a socially-distanced celebration broke out in the studio. 

However, Adam got a little carried away while shaking the curtain that was protecting his modesty, accidentally knocking it away and leaving him rushing to cover himself up. 

Adam got a little carried away at the end of the show

The episode was widely praised on Twitter for helping raise awareness of the disease and for helping break down the taboo some men feel about getting their prostate checked. 

The Last Leg airs Fridays at 10pm on Channel 4.